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Good news for designer who sell on Amazon. You do not need wait three months or one year to get you Trademark brand, and get the protection work done properly. The brand registry program is for Sellers who manufacture or sell their own branded products. The goal of the program is to make it easier for sellers with their own brands to manage those brands and list their products on Brand registry would also allow you to sell your products without the need for a UPC or EAN. Please refer to the Brand Registry help page in Seller Central.


promisemerings diamond


like me, all my design work of diamond rings and promise rings are under brand protection now.
If you decide to apply for brand registry, you may do so from the section near the bottom of the page that is titled “Applying for the Registry” where there is a link to the online application. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

here is some tips to make a brand register on Amazon

diamond rings

promisemerings diamond

Some of the info is confusing though – I applied the other day and later realized my errors and was denied in email today. I understand why I was denied and was already working on the requirements as I view them:

For private label

1. You need a logo. You need to design and create a label, stick it on your packaged product, and take a clear image. Attach that image to your application. (not just an image of the logo)
diamond rings
2. Purchase a domain name – Go Daddy is cheap and I already have hosting there for other websites, so that’s what I am using. Install WordPress on the domain and make a store that shows items you intend to list under the brand. I have used WordPress before, so I think this is as simple as uploading images of your items to meet the Brand Registry requirements. You do not need sale prices or a method for anyone to purchase – this is just for the Brand Registry team to view what you want to sell.
diamond rings
3. Apply with the stated attachment of your logo and a link to your quickly designed website.

I designed my logo and am waiting for the labels ordered to arrive in the mail as I do not have a design program in my laptop.

Vistaprint has a simple design program and the labels aren’t too expensive.
some blog and article can help.

How to use the Amazon Brand Registry to keep your product from being hijacked



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